Monza, Italy: Energy Rental is the official power generator supplier to the TV Compound for the Italian Grand Prix 2014. Formula 1 has always been the sports event with the widest TV coverage in the World (500 million spectators in 2013) and together with Monza circuit, which is home of the Italian Grand Prix since 1922, is one of the most desidered events for all the F1 fans.
The official TV coverage, managed by FOM Formula One Management, placed so many cameras hardly to count but including slowmotion, hypermotion, bowcam, spidercam, cameracar and the contribution of all the international broadcasters (RAI  and SkySport for Italy) it is likely that this number exceeds one hundred cameras.
A spectacular television event, which got Monza connected to the rest of the World for a weekend of pure racing.

Formula1 Power Generator

TV Compound – Monza 2014

To secure the supply of energy to all the TV Compound, Energy Rental employeed its power generators . Energy guaranteed, thanks to the use of two twinpack genset mounting the cutting edge technology, supersilent (all Energy Rental gensets are soundproof) and environmentally friendly, thanks to the use of engines with low fuel consumption and low environmental impact.

“The air in Monza during the Grand Prix is something special and, because of the internationality of the event, you barely understand to be in Italy” said Roberto Dusi, general manager at Energy Rental “The technical requirements for such events got higher and higher and these are the best reasons for a company like us to invest constantly in the technique of our generators making us an excellent partner for such events. “There was something that could going better?” Well, it was just a shame to not see the two Ferraris on the podium in their home circuit but Lewis Hamilton really deserved to win”.

active power formula1 monzagp

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For the first time the instantaneous Active Power graph for the entire TV Compound is made available.

300 kW of pure broadcasting: because for spreading the word to all the World you need reliable Energy!