double twinpack power generator

Double Twinpack Power Generator

Turin, Italy. Since its foundation in 1985, Energy Rental was the first company to provide as a standard two power generators in parallel for live events and TV.
A system of two generators in parallel simply doubles the reliability of a live show, ensuring the supply of electrical energy even in the event of mechanical failure of one.

During the most important football event in 2014 in Italy, the UEFA Europa League Final, which took place in the Juventus Stadium in Turin, Energy Rental – in collaboration with the technical staff of Mediaset – has created a system with four generators in parallel made by 650 kVA each. It ‘s the first time that happened in Italy. The objective was to ensure the vision of the event to over 200 countries around the world, providing electricity to 64 vehicles between Broadcaster, Slowmotions, Hypermotions, Uplinks, graphics workstations,helicopters data reception vehicles and many others.

“It ‘been a real technical and technology challenge” said Roberto Dusi, technical manager and general manager at Energy Rental. “This production involved over 230 skilled technicians from all over the world, a helicopter was in charge of aerial shots with other 37 cameras and 35 km of cables. The entire production has relied entirely by Energy Rental power generators.

The use of the system in the four generators in parallel has been limited to just the match (in the previous days just one or two generators were running). With this system we wanted to push beyond the highest standards of reliability and set a new level of excellence within a sector in constant tecnological evolution. Will be the standard of the future? We do not really know. What we like to think is that if  it will happen, Energy Rental is already ready to offer it to you.”