When in 1985 we launched the very first mobile twinpack generator having both generators in syncro providing an electrical backup, we weren’t sure that it would quickly become the standard in the entertainment industry. After all, no one had done it yet, the manufacturing costs were double and the selling price of this service was just slightly higher than a single machine.

35 years later and dozens of thousands of successfully productions completed we can be sure that that was the right way and that today the supply of electricity is at the bottom of the hierarchy of needs in a live event.

In the same spirit of that time, we present to the market the first example of a 300 kVA hybrid power generator but, unlike those days, we are sure that this is the way forward to make our service even greener, innovative and reliable.

A hybrid power generator is first and foremost a machine that respects the environment, reducing to zero all diesel consumptions and therefore the emission of exhaust gases compared to traditional generators.
This is possible thanks to a lithium-ion battery pack coupled to a UPS whose operation is supported by the presence of a local electricity grid and the latest StageV generator ready to kick in when the battery level falls below a predetermined threshold.

The whole system is encapsulated into a 30′ container CSC certified suitable for road and sea transport. Its software can manage the status of each single battery cell and all the energy flows in real time, both locally and remotely via a simple mobile app.

Each of these hybrid generators can avoid the consumption of up to 20,000 gallons of diesel per year by offering a triple electrical redundancy: grid – batteries – generator.

This is the just what the future needs and we designed and built together with hundreds of hours of all our partners who shared the mission of our project.

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