Happy Birthday Energy Rental!Old Power generator

On April our company is 30 years young, and we’re celebrating in style.

On our first jobs back in the early 80s, I remember people looking at our twinpack mobile generators that could be syncronized toghether to reduce the risk of engine failure and sharing the load. Tungsten lighting and analogical cameras meant the need of an incredible quantity of power during the big live events and concert. Strobos effects could literally let the generator jumps on wheels. Moreover the staff were delightful, the entertainment was magical and all of us were excited for the next event. Thankfully, I can say the same thing today.

From our desire to innovate in areas like logistic, personal development, cutting edge technologies, to our commitment to ploughing all profits into new machines that could be more silent, clean and reliable as never before the future looks bright for the next 30 years.

vasco rossi

However, the main reason for this is our amazing staff. Thank you to every single person to ever join the Energy Rental team, you are the real difference between us and our rivals.

We also owe a lot to our customers, and wanted to say thank you. If today we can move MegaWatts, laying miles of cables counting on a remote monitoring system and on the best staff possible as well as the best technology a power generator can have is mainly thanks to all the experience that our customers allow us to do in the past 30 years all over Europe and beyond.vasco-rossi-live-004