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Emergency Response


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Blackout? No problem!

Energy Rental generators can bypass any electrical substation and provide you with the power you need during any emergency. Our mobile power stations are capable of interfacing with fixed electrical systems and replacing the usual energy provider within a few minutes. Power outages can occur when there are environmental disasters such as storms or floods or they can simply be the result of a technical failure. Banks, industries, manufacturing facilities, offices, hospitals and schools. Blackouts are always possible. But one phone call is enough and Energy Rental’s generators will be ready to deliver full power in just the time it takes to get to you.
In just a few minutes or at most a few hours and your business will be able to resume operation.

Energy Rental emergency response

One phone call is enough
Our power generators are mounted on trucks and are ready to go at any time. It just takes the time to get to you from our office in Milan.
From 50 to 1,000 kVA
Electrical substation bypass
Total guarantee
24-hour assistance

Where we operate

Energy Rental is based in Milan and operates in Italy and in the rest of Europe. Call us, we’re ready to get moving.

Milan0 km
Turin150 km
Venice250 km
Zurich280 km
Munich320 km
Strasbourg480 km
Rome580 km
Frankfurt670 km
Paris800 km